At LD Secretarial Services, I provide:

  • Copy Typing
  • CV Formatting
  • CV Writing
  • Personal Statements
  • Cover Letters
  • Proofreading
  • Copywriting
  • Blog/Article Writing
  • Self Publishing
  • Book Cover Designs

LD Secretarial Services in London provides

A range of business support services that negates the need to employ an onsite secretary or administrative employee, and so is the perfect outsourcing solution for any type of business – sole traders, entrepreneurs, small, medium and large organisations – or indeed, any individual who wants to operate effectively and efficiently without compromising on quality.

With LD Secretarial Services, you only pay for the time you need while enjoying access to a skill set that may otherwise not be within your reach. The benefits of outsourcing business admin are varied, but include getting a project or job done exactly when you need it; not having to draw up employment contracts; not having to pay National Insurance or make other financial contributions, such as pension schemes; only paying for the time and products you use; not needing to provide office space or spend small fortunes on furniture and computer hardware and software; saving money by not employing someone full-time who may often be under-utilised or taking advantage; and finally, being able to contract people who have the exact skills you need to carry out a particular project.