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Article Writing

Articles are similar to blogs, in many ways. They are means of creating fresh content for your website and enable you to include keywords and phrases that should help you with your search engine rankings, but they take a little more time and sometimes, more research. Articles are less about what you are doing and more about what you know.

So, articles are a way for you to impart your knowledge about your field or sector and provide usual information to your readers. In this way, if you continue to offer well-written, information articles, your target market will return to your website again and again, viewing it as a portal for reliable information.

Articles can be about almost any subject, as long as they are relevant to your business. You may be surprised by just what can be written about that concerns your sector but is not necessarily about what you offer. In this way, you will not be perceived as ‘selling’ all the time, something that is sure to put many readers off. For example, if you are a printing business, you could write about different fonts and the impressions they create. If you are a solicitor, you could talk about the process for making a will or what you can expect to face if going to court. The possibilities really are unlimited.

Article Writing Rates

How It Works

Step 1.  You tell me about the type of article you would like.

Step 2.  I’ll get a first draft written and send it to you for review/approval.

Step 3.  You come back to me with any changes you want made. I’ll write another draft and we’ll carry on until you’re happy.

Step 4.  I’ll submit the final copy to you in a Word doc. format, ready to upload directly to the website or cut and paste.

The benefits of writing articles, for your website or as a guest writer

More people visit your website

Many people use the internet to find answers to their current problems. If you have an article that provides helpful information and a viable solution, they will be pleased to have found you and remember you if they need your services.

Become an information hub and valuable resource

Writing articles that provide information and solutions to common problems is a great way to become a valuable, respected and well-known resource. People will return to visit your website again and again, and perhaps even recommend you.

Create more backlinks to your website

Articles can be posted not only on your website but on other sites that are related (or not) to your business. Providing that you include a hyperlink to your website, guest writing articles and posting on other sites will provide valuable backlinks, great for SEO.