Book Cover Design

Premium book covers for paperbacks and eBooks

I’ve teamed up with Angie Phillips, an experienced graphic designer, to bring you bespoke book cover designs that will rival any book cover produced by a traditional publishing house.

You will be provided with a digital copy of your final book cover design for your own  use on your author website, social media platforms and other book promotional tools.

Illustrations, graphics and interior book art

Angie doesn’t only create stunning book covers – she can help with the artwork for the interior of your book.

Are you writing a children’s book or an instruction manual, a cookery book or an exercise book? Then you’re going to need appropriate illustrations and graphics to accompany your text. Just take a look at a few of Angie’s bespoke illustrations and graphics below.

A selection of graphics created by Angie Phillips

How Does It Work?

If you are using my services to help create a paperback and/or eBook and you want a high-quality book cover, then I can put you in touch with Angie so that you can discuss your needs with her. We can then, the three of us, liaise to produce your complete book.

Alternatively, if all you need is a book cover designer, then I need only refer you to Angie and let you two work together.

Need a Budget Friendly eBook Cover Design?

I know that when you are creating a book, especially the first time, you are often looking to do it on a shoestring budget and can’t afford to spend a lot of money on getting a cover designed by a graphic designer.

While I do not pretend to have any extensive graphic design skills or training, I do have an eye for what looks good and I can create a professional-looking eBook cover for you using Canva, an online graphic design tool. You may ask why you can’t do the same, and the truth is, you can. But if you don’t think you have an eye for design or simply don’t want the hassle of having to create a compelling book cover yourself, then you can hire me to do it for you. I will give you 3 different designs to choose from that I believe will work well for your book.

If this is of interest, just drop me a line and I will get back to you.