Why does copywriting matter?

Every company needs some form of copywriting: to market their business in order to increase awareness, attract new customers and increase sales. There are many ways, both online and offline, that businesses can market themselves, but to make the best use of these, your company needs persuasive, informative and compelling content, ideally written by someone who has a way with words. You need a copywriter.

Don’t leave your marketing to chance. Hire me, a London copywriter to help your marketing material make an impact on your target market.

What copywriting services do you need?

Website content

Is your website appearing only way down in search engine results? If so, it could be because your website lacks fresh content. Fresh content can be almost anything – it can be articles written around and on the services or products you offer; it can be blog posts that present an informal ‘face’ to your visitors; or it can be news items that keep your website user up-to-date with happenings in your industry sector.

Google and other search engines want the websites they index to be informative and relevant to people who are entering search keywords and phrases into their search engines. Any website that doesn’t strive to inform and entertain their visitors is in danger of falling down search engine rankings. Give your website the best chance of success by having me write fresh website content for you.

Taglines and slogans

Many businesses recognise the advantage of having a slogan or tagline which sums up their services and ethos in just a few words. I can create punchy slogans that will help to define your brand in your customers minds.

Blog posts

Blogs are an important element of modern business but it can be difficult and time-consuming to keep them updated. I can write regular blog posts for you, in your name, and on any subject you require.


Newsletters are a handy means of keeping your customers and workforce up-to-date. Just tell me the news stories you want to include and I can create an eye-catching newsletter for you.


I can write informative articles on almost any subject, with keywords and phrases seamlessly integrated. Perfect for keeping web content fresh and valuable. I have written many articles available for sale on Constant Content that may be just what you are looking for. If not, I can write articles to order.

Marketing materials

All businesses need to market themselves. Ensure that you create the best impression in your potential customers eyes with compelling, informative and accurate information for your brochures and other marketing material.