Manuscript Critiques

Get your manuscript critiqued and get a second opinion on your book.

This must be a question that all authors ask themselves at one time or another, and the answer is that it is difficult for a writer to be objective about their own work.

So what do writers without literary agents or publishing houses behind them do to tell them if they’re on to a winner? They ask family and friends to read their book and give an honest opinion. The problem is family and friends are generally kind people, so they say ‘It’s great’ and hand the manuscript back with a smile. Or they say there are things wrong, but they can’t put their finger on what those things are exactly, which isn’t much help. Sound familiar?

If you would like constructive criticism about your manuscript, then you need an unbiased assessment from someone who can tell why certain elements don’t quite work. Ideally, you need to get a critique before you have formatted your manuscript for self-publishing or had it proofread.

You need a manuscript critique that will analyse the following:
Plot | Characterisation | Setting | Dialogue | Pacing | Conflict

Rates for Manuscript Critiques

  • First 20 pages – £2.00 per page
  • Up to 50 pages – £1.75 per page
  • Up to 100 pages – £1.50 per page
  • Up to 200 pages – £1.35 per page
  • Up to 300 pages – £1.25 per page

For manuscripts of greater length, please get in touch for a quotation.